Client identification options include the use of biometrics as either Finger Print or Finger Vein readers.

The use of biometrics allows the registration of clients without the need for clients to carry membership cards and reduce the incidence of fraudulent identification of clients.

Scans from biometrics readers are converted to a series of plot points and stored only as a unique data sample which can NOT be used for identification by law enforcement agencies.

Finger Vein:

Finger Vein readers offer increased accuracy of client identification and are non-forensic in operation  (can NOT be used forensically by law enforcement agencies).

Finger vein readers operate by scanning the internal vein structure of a person’s finger, thus making it non-forensic in nature.

Non-forensic (finger vein) readers are socially more acceptable than finger print readers.

Finger Print:

Finger print readers are a cheaper alternative to finger vein readers, whilst still providing unique identification of clients.

Scans are based on a person’s finger prints to enable identification.  Finger print scans are forensic in nature, but data captured by the scanner are stored as a series of plot points and can not be used externally to the system.

Biometrics Module:

Biometrics integration into Sauna Management System was developed using Bio-Plugin development module from M2SYS.

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